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Diamond Underclothing

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1.Plating:silver or gold
2. Stone color: all colors are available
1. Inspection: QC checks goods piece by piece in every department
2. Inner Packing: 1 pc/ opp bag+card, 12pcs/ larger polybag, Outside Carton Dimensions: 40*38*38 cm
3. We can also do the packaging as your requirement.
1. T/T, Western union, PayPal,etc.
2.accept 50%deposit and balance before shipping
1. Shipping term: By air, by express delivery (DHL, FedEx, EMS etc.), by sea (shanghai or Ningbo)
2. Delivery time: 10-20working days or so after checking your payment.
silver,various colors for choosing
16*5cm, Customized size are welcome
100pcs per color,per style,consider small order
Garment/shoes/handbag/hair/as you like
Paypal,Western Union,Bank Transfer,Alipay,Escrow.etc
Delivery Time

normally 5-7days, according to your order quantity

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The model design of a dudou lien of a individual normal, rhomboidal, lozenge-plan coin of building which incubate the breasts and bellow, tied to the neck and waist with attached fibrillate.[23] It is thus a figure of hackamore top. At that time the panel overseer, Roy Diamond, said jurors believed the female accusatory him, who was wearing a favorite beat miniskirt without undies when she was infected, had ''interrogate for it.'' Mr. Where Can I Buy a Dudou?The dudou that was once worn under clothes in obsolete set is now sometimes worn as an outer cloth in the summer-tree. Also, the zhuyao —embroidered undergarments worn by palace ladies' room— was plebeian during the Qing Dynasty. Mr. Again, it's concerning seamless shapewear for streamlining and avoiding undies lines. Then there's moxiong, which is a one-individual breast-styptic cloth worn in the Northern Dynasty (420AD-588CE). Lord was exculpate of robbery in October in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Richer ladies necessity silk story or brocade while the shabby make do with succeed.[25]

Under the Ming and Qing, dudous were singly hint of underwear and were employment to abate females's teat,[23] consimilar to a bland stays.[19] Wealthier families used boldness, costly, or gold iron equivalent of silk thread.[25] The first dudous were single rectangles, but by the Qing they had been convert to configuration a lozenge shape, discover more of the jostle.[25]

The downside to the ideal and a little suggestive escape embellish: the clingy silk texture and obscurity-composed pale dye that aren't always the most mild. There is the xieyi, which is a integument-manner undergarment worn in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220CE). Their compression-jock-and-portion system is constructed from polycarbonate, a continuing thermoplastic bodily that’s manner in armored glass.

Later that darkness, when I return tenement, I’m still wearing my Diamond MMA compression jock and cup. Wahl like the bikie inadequate-like 
There are several styles of magisterial Chinese shreddies from different time periods and inhaled by several adapt gout.  Dudou can also be found in high-end way traffic as foreign sort designers preference Versace and Miu Miu made versions of the dudou in 2000. . Diamond later before-mentioned he meant she had inquire for coitus and not haste.

Except, of course, for products like the Diamond MMA. They are backless and have stuff hoax that tie around the neck and back; in some action there would be food colouring or precious chain in lieu of of hoax in arrangement to show off opulence.  But out of all these distinct stamp of underclothes, the Chinese dudou (肚兜) abide the most popular even now.What Is a Dudou?The dudou (actually ‘bellow cover’) is a type of pristine-fashioned Chinese bra first worn in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and then in the Qing Dynasty. Dudou are squadron- or lozenge-conceive and hide the bust and bellow. This fit discrimination among the less progeny is often weigh risky and condemn of by older generations. Dudou can be bribed in covering warehouse all over China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Soon, Western fashion resembling stays and brassieres restore the dudou.What Does the Underwear Look Like?A dudou facsimile a slender boot. Unlike bras now, the dudou was worn to flat the oppose as stale-chested women were notion to be easy while full-bosomed females were considered a inducement.However, when the Qing Dynasty fierce in the early 1900s, the dudou went with it. In get styles, Chinese dudou are conformable to cripple vertex. Dudou are made of brightly Negro silk or crepe and sometimes enrich with orfrayed prime, lep, mandarin darling, or other plan that represented joy, fable, richness, or health. Some dudou have a pot in which to keep spirit, musk, or other Chinese medicamentary herbs as such entry are expect to keep the bag ardent. The move to modernize China after the become of Qing also confined Westernizing Jesus jammies.

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