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Sourcing Agent

Sourcing Agent--Sourcing anything you want in Yiwu China!!!

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Yongle International (Jewellery) Co., Ltd. is a professional TRADER and Jewelry manufacturer located in the world largest commodity city Yiwu.

We can help you sourcing any products you want at low prices in the world largest factory outlets Yiwu--International commodity city.

We are you reliable partner, office, agent in Yiwu China. If you do not have enough time, energy and cost etc to come to China, please feel free contact us. Our family members can travel around the whole of China to help you to do the following services

Sourcing Agent
Please contact us

Sourcing Agent

Please contact us

General Services
► Factory auditor and quality inspector
► Price and contract negotiator
► Trade show and business trip organizer
► Professional translator

Purchase Service
► Price and contract negotiation
► Agent Service
► Order follow up
► Logistic service
► China business enhancement advisory service

Manufacturing Service
► Feasibility study of your sourcing or manufacturing project in China
► Selection of 8 manufacturers, by credibility and region
► Selection of 3 "Gold Manufacturers"
► Specifications and requirements development
► Quotations and time delivery from "Gold Manufacturers"

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