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Blown, Black, Red, White, Custom colors 

One size fit all, customized size according to your request

according to pictures

Normal package or according to your request

QC checks goods piece by piece in every department

Inner Packing: 
one PC/ opp bag+card, PCs/ larger poly bag
We can also do custom packaging as your requirement.

Available within one week

By express,by air, by sea


ODM and OEM are accepted

within 5 working days after receiving the payment

Paypal / TT / Western Union

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Hair wigs says, "I have a special hair collector who has a relationship with the temples and there comes the hair." "We work together to create my hair collection." Davidson, on the other hand, prefers Chinese hair over Indian hair. "Indian hair is a little fluffier and very nice," though he sometimes combines the two. "The mixture gives it density, but also a slight bounce."

Mostly, though, women don't know where their wig comes from, they know what they like. Award Dray Indom, co-host of the award-winning Receipts Podcast, owns about 15 wigs with five on regular circulation and spends about 500 1,500 a year on the wig. "I'm not really researching where it came from or how it happened," Londoner admitted. He instead explains that he checks how the hair feels and how it curls.

While there can be many reasons why a woman chooses to wear a wig, one thing I agree with is the ease offered by not tampering with her natural hair. "It's a great way to protect your own hair," says Wigs. "A lot of people, if they want to be blonde, bleach live daylight from their hair and just kill it." A wig allows you to leave your hair untouched. "You can keep your hair in its natural state and be blonde for a day or two, a week or a month or as you wish."

Luna wigs wearing wigs (when the hair extensions are worn or glued to the wearer's natural hair) improved the indom's relationship with her own hair as she took more care of her observation. "I can take off the wig at night and breathe through my scalp," he says. "And my hair is very healthy."

Wigs believes that once you try a good wig you will never come back: "Our wig is so addictive," she joked, "After I took my first wig for testing, she expects to hear from me soon." . This week, I made my second order, the second lace wigs wavy shoulder length number. After all, who doesn't want to be more like Op Pvt?

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